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Interview from The Dark - King's Healing Hands

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My dear friend sent me a tape she recorded from German TV with a translation.

It's a kind of making film of The Dark and there are interviews of staffs and casts including Sean.

They speak in English, but it's dubbed into German so you cannot catch what they are talking about.

So my friend did a transcription and then translated it into English. Thanks Sig!

Maria Bello: This film will stay in your memory, you never know what will happen next.

Sean Bean: It's a gripping story, it's bizarre, it scares you, always takes surprising turns.

Sophie Stuchey(a girl who played Sean's daughter): It's scary, and some people will get nightmares.

Naration: The story deals with the dark side of Celtic mythology, the belief in rebirth and the power of heathen rituals of sacrifice are hiding in this suspenseful mystery thriller The Dark.

Maria Bello: My character Adelle finds herself in the middle of her divorcing process, with her 11 years old daughter Sarah she visits her soon former husband in a lonely part of Wales.

Naration: Sean Bean, known from blockbusters such as Troy and the National Treasure plays this free-minded James.

Sean Bean: James wants to start a new life, he is an artist and enjoys his peace and freedom. There's a kind of uniting the family in the farmhouse.

Maria Bello: It is very rare that the characters in a genre film are constructed with so much detail. Adelle for example goes through many emotional changes which are caused by a drama in the family.

Clip from the movie: What's the matter with Sarah? Nothing, she's a loner just like her father is. We missed you, I missed you.

Sean Bean: It's very unusual to see those affectionately described characters in mysterious stories. And The Dark is a chilling thriller indeed.

Naration: The claustrophobis intimate play was directed by John fawcett following a literary original.

John Fawcett: The original screenplay was an adaptation of the book, but the element of the supernatural and the Welsh mythology was missing. During researchs I found many entries concerning ANNWYN.

Maurice Roeves: My character is a strange Welsh farmer who knows the legends very well. He knows of people who had been driven crazy by a priest and finally had killed themselves by jumping over the cliff.

John Fawcett: The legend of the parallel world ANNWYN turned out to be the basic of the movie. It was very weird that there was a breakdown of electricity in Toronto and New York when we were sitting in a restaurant to discuss the plot.

Naration: The filming took 8 weeks and started in June 2004 on the Isle of Man which replaced Wales.

Maria Bello: Sarah's tragic accident at the beginning of the film changes everything.

Sean Bean: Of course we are shocked after this tragedy. James tries to stand by Adelle. Later Adelle is haunted by visions.

Stephen Massicotte: James looks for Sarah while Adelle imagines to receive signals from her daughter. She meets a mysterious girl who resembles Sarah.

Sean Bean: At first James thinks his wife has gone mad, but after a while Adelle discovers the ancient books and tries to put the pieces together.

Naration: Sheep are slaughtered because they suffer from a mysterious disease. She reads that "she" kills the sheep, but who is she?

Sean Bean: Every evening I return home without our daughter,and Adelle gets more and more obsessed. I give her advice to calm down at last.

Naration: Adelle can't used to the idea that her daughter is dead and continues her researches. She finds out that the children had been given over to the embrace of ANNWYN again.

John Fawcett: The Dark is a place, an antiworld, an alternative universe, that's what ANNWYN means: otjerworld. In Celtic mythology you can reach this world over the ocxean: under water or by boat through a door. The Dark is the land of the dead, a world which exists parallel to the world in which Adelle exists.

Stephen Massiocotte: Adelle tries to figure out what connects her daughter and the other girl.

Naration: James believes that his daughter is dead whereas Adelle believes she is still alive, suddenly the strange girl is standing right in front of them.

Sean Bean: Seeing her is a very strong moment. Usually nobody but the protagonist and the audience see the threatening ghosts from the otherworld, but in The Dark I can see them, too. That adds a new dimension to the horror.

Jeremy Bolt: People have watched so many horror movies that they've got used to them, you have to come by with something special if you want to surprise your audience either intellectually or by visual shock effects.

Stephen Massiocotte: This movie scares you to the bones. I guess many people won't even want to talk about it.

Clip: He has gotten hold of her. One living for a dead...Where is my daughter?

Naration: The Dark -- in the movie theatres from January 26th.

She is the luckiest lady in the world. This shoulder is obviously Sean's and she also used Viggo's shoulder to rest her jaw.LOL

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